Corvisart Des Marets, Jean Nicholas

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Corvisart Des Marets, Jean Nicholas


Born Feb. 15, 1755, in Dricourt; died Sept. 18, 1821, in Paris. French physician. Member of the Paris Academy of Sciences (1811).

Corvisart finished medical school in Paris in 1782. In 1797 he established and headed the first department of internal medicine at the Collège de France in Paris. In 1807, Corvisart became the personal physician to Napoleon I, who gave him the title of baron. During the Restoration, Corvisart headed the department of medicine of France.

Corvisart introduced into medical practice the percussion method of diagnosis, devised in 1761 by L. Auenbrugger. His major work was devoted to the study of diseases of the heart and major blood vessels. Corvisart was one of the founders of semiotics. R. Laennec was one of his students.


Essai sur les maladies et les lesions organiques du coeur et des gros vaisseaux. Paris, 1806.
Auenbmgger, L. Nouvelle Méthode pour reconnoitre les maladies internes de la poitrine par la percussion de cette cavité. Translation from Latin and commentary by J. N. Corvisart. Paris, 1808.


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