Cosmic Patterns Software

Cosmic Patterns Software

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Cosmic Patterns Software was founded in 1983 by David Cochrane. It is best known as the developers of Kepler, a comprehensive astrological software program used by thousands of astrologers.

When the company incorporated in 2002, its four programmers were David Cochrane, Victor Ogienko, Victoria Thompson, and Thilakavathi Raja. Ogienko, from Kiev, Ukraine, joined Cosmic Patterns that year. With an extensive knowledge of many programming languages, a wealth of technical expertise, an M.S. degree in electrical engineering, and a background in developing astrological programs, Ogienko decided to join Cosmic Patterns to accelerate the development of a comprehensive software program. Thompson joined Cosmic Patterns in the early 1980s after many years as a software developer in the Boston, Massachusetts, area. Raja, who joined Cosmic Patterns in 1999, has a B.S. degree in computer science. Fei Cochrane is the business manager and directs the affairs of the entire company. There are also dozens of astrologers, translators, graphic artists, and others who provide materials and work as independent providers of services to Cosmic Patterns. In 2001, Cosmic Patterns had annual revenues in excess of $500,000, about $80,000 of which was paid out in royalties to authors of interpretive reports.


Cosmic Patterns Software.
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