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(fluid mechanics)

candlepower (cp)

The luminous intensity of a light source, expressed in candelas. Abbr. cp. Also see apparent candlepower.


On drawings, abbr. for cesspool.


A concurrent Prolog.

"The Concurrent Logic Programming Language CP": Definition and Operational Semantics", V. Saraswat, 14th POPL, ACM 1987, pp.49-62.


(1) (Central Processor) See processor and CPU.

(2) (CoPy) See Unix commands.

(3) See control program, control panel and copy protection.
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Chiropractors should look for an asymmetry of the hemi diaphragm, or a blunting of the costophrenic angle on every film where the diaphragm can be visualised.
The right and left costophrenic angles are important radiographically because they can be used to detect effusions and other abnormalities.
Initial chest x-ray showed air-space shadowing of the right upper and middle lobes of the lung, as well as blunting of the fight costophrenic angle.
Chest radiograph showed bilateral nonhomogenous opacity predominantly in mid and lower zones that were clearly depicted as reticular and nodular shadows with some cystic shadows in upper zones in the scanogram and homogeneous opacification of the right costophrenic angle suggestive of pleural effusion [Figure 1].
Preliminary routine investigations were normal and the patient underwent chest radiograph, posteroanterior view in erect position, which revealed blunted right costophrenic angle with elevated right hemidiaphragm.
X-Ray Chest was normal except obliteration of right costophrenic angle.