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According to him, Abidjan is the natural choice for the Branch Office because of the significant contribution made by Cote dIvoire toward the establishment of the Bank and as a result of the countrys continuing role as a major hub for regional and intra-African trade in the Francophone region.
Cote dIvoire served as the headquarters of Francophone West Africa, he noted, adding that the country, more than any other country in Africa, had demonstrated that it could achieve development through plantation agriculture, having successfully emerged as the worlds largest producer of cocoa and also having recently taken over as the worlds largest exporter of cashew nuts.
The people of Cote dIvoire deserve a secure environment for elections,
The profiles of the major companies operating in the upstream industry of Cote DIvoire are also included in the report.
Address : Mbassade de France en Cote divoire antenne regionale immobiliere
Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), a leading investment grade rated multilateral development finance institution and project developer, announced the signing of a joint development agreement with Ivoire Hydro Energy SA (IHE), an Ivorian project company, for the development of the 44MW Singrobo hydroelectric power plant (Singrobo) in Cote dIvoire.
Reducing transport costs and delays requires coordinated policy action from Burkina Faso and Cote dIvoire to optimize the following dimensions:
The objective of the Agriculture Sector Support Project is to improve smallholder access to technologies and markets in Cote dIvoire for the enhancement and governance of selected value chains, which are cocoa, rubber, palm oil, cotton, and cashew.
Flexenclosure has secured a multi-million dollar order from MTN Cote dIvoire for a customised eCentre.