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see Côtes-d'ArmorCôtes-d'Armor
, formerly Côtes-du-Nord
, department (1990 pop. 538,300), NW France, in Brittany, on the English Channel. Saint-Brieuc is the capital.
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, France.



a department in northwestern France on the Brittany Peninsula. Area, 7,200 sq km. Population, 509,000 (1972), Administrative center, Saint-Brieuc. A great part of the territory of Côtes-du-Nord consists of hilly uplands, but the northern coastal section is a fertile depression. Livestock raising (cattle on natural pastures and swine) and fishing are primary economic factors in Côtes-du-Nord. Wheat, rye, potatoes, vege-tables, apples, and forage crops are cultivated in the department. The machine-building, metalworking, food, and textile indusindustries have enterprises in C6tes-du-Nord. There are sandy beaches on the shore of the Gulf of St.-Malo.

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The profound impact of the Resistance shaped the extremely localised communist presence in the Cotes-du-Nord (which had eight PCF MPs).
The revival of the presence of communist CGs in Cotes-du-Nord was thus made in small steps (one at each election between 1951 and 1973) and then by a great wave (four in 1976, seven in 1982-92), and reflected a common moment of expansion in connection with the Union of the Left.
Studies of communist 'implantation' include masters' theses by Jean-Pierre Le Foll, Arnaud Le Breton and Guy Haudebourg as well as Alain Prigent, Histoire des communistes des Cotes-du-Nord (1920-45), Saint-Brieuc: own account, 2000.