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Cotman, John Sell

(kŏt`mən), 1782–1842, English landscape painter and etcher. He was a leading representative of the Norwich school. Cotman studied in London and in 1806 settled in Norwich where he opened an art school. He suffered periods of melancholia throughout his life. He took up etching c.1810 and produced several series of etchings of English, and later French, antiquities. His Liber Studiorum (1838) is an outstanding work in this medium. For the last nine years of his life he was a drawing master at King's College, London. Although Cotman's work was but little appreciated in his day, it is now highly prized for its fine color, decorative and structural qualities, and sustained poetic mood. He is best known for his watercolors and drawings, of which the British Museum possesses many, including the famous Greta Bridge. Cotman's oil paintings are in many British galleries.


See catalog by V. G. R. Rienaecker (1953).

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En contraposicion a los beneficios de la actividad fisica, se manifiesta que una vida sedentaria generara un deterioro en la calidad de esta; uno de ellos es el aumento en los niveles de estres por el incremento de corticosterona a nivel del hipocampo cerebral, lo que se traduce en la disminucion de la proteina BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor), proteina asociada a la proteccion neuronal y facilitacion de la neuroplasticidad (Adlard & Cotman, 2004).
In their study, post-doctoral researcher Sabrina Segal and neurobiologists Carl Cotman and Lawrence Cahill had people 50 to 85 years old with and without memory deficits view pleasant images like photos of nature and animals, and then exercise on a stationary bicycle for six minutes at 70 percent of their maximum capacity immediately afterward.
Works by other notable artists who influenced Wise from a variety of periods are also up for auction including John Sell Cotman, Sir George Clausen, Phillip Wilson, Ruskin Spear, John Wilson Carmicheal and Anthony Eyton.
La Gazette litteraire de Montreal: 1778-1779, edition presentee par Nova Doyon et annotee par Jacques Cotman, en collaboration avec Pierre Hebert.
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Bourland was recognized for his innovative breeding achievements that have led to the release of cotton germplasm and for his role in the development of the CotMan, a cotton management system for the development of cotton breeding.
This is sort of a quiet revolution that's been occurring in neuroscience, to realize that physical activity at a certain level impacts the brain in a really profound way," said brain aging expert Carl Cotman of the University of California, Irvine.
If you happen to visit the exhibition, don't forget to take a look at the work of John Sell Cotman and Samuel Howitt, both of whom never visited the country.
In the lull that followed he read a life of the Norfolk artist John Sell Cotman (1782-1842), thought hard about the nature of English art and embarked on a series of topographical watercolours.
Marjeta Cotman, then Slovenian minister for labour, family and social affairs, launched the idea of a day devoted to solidarity between generations at the Brdo conference, on 28-29 April 2008.