Driftless Area

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Driftless Area,

c.13,000 sq mi (33,670 sq km), largely in SW Wis. but extending into SE Minn., NE Iowa, and NW Ill. The continental glacier which covered most surrounding regions did not touch this area, which abounds in caves and sinkholes and has residual, well-drained soil. Because it was an important lead-mining region, the federal government prohibited farming in the Driftless Area until the 1840s. It was then settled by European immigrants.
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The two operations have since become a business of its own, Coulee Region Hardwoods, which procures Lumber for Coulee Region Enterprises, as well as having a customer base across the United States (see sidebar "Two Companies in One" on p.
Though various wood species are used at Coulee Region, maple, cherry and red oak are the most common.
Coulee Region also uses a Vorwood shaper/sander for drawer fronts, as well as a Jenkins double-end trimmer and two Mattison straight line rip saws, in the main manufacturing plant.
Coulee Region also possesses a boiler and five dry kilns.
Though there are currently no machinery upgrades planned for Coulee Region, the brothers do not stay idle in searching and researching new equipment.
This is the first conference of its kind in our area, addressing both public and private initiatives in the pandemic planning arena," said Al Graewin, Coordinator of the Coulee Region Public Health Consortium.
They were so impressed they had to immediately learn more about bringing U-Bake to the Coulee Region.
based partner, Dennis Wood of Coulee Region, Bangor, Wis.
American Red Cross Rio Hondo Chapter Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia ARTScorpsLA Atlantic Economic Development Corporation Autism Society of the Black Hills Barrio Logan College Institute Bay Area Community Resources Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Coulee Region Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay Broadcast Minister's Alliance of Chicago Inc.
Hoffman also received $1,000, with Lands' End donating an additional $1,000 to the Coulee Region chapter Big Brothers/Big Sisters near his hometown.
These original farmers formed the Coulee Region Organic Produce Pool to market their vegetables and soon moved into organic dairy products.
He is president-elect of United Coulee Region, an organization promoting greater cooperation among governments and organizations.