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Ten, Council of,

in the republic of VeniceVenice
, Ital. Venezia, city (1991 pop. 309,422), capital of Venetia and of Venice prov., NE Italy, built on 118 alluvial islets within a lagoon in the Gulf of Venice (an arm of the Adriatic Sea). The city is connected with the mainland, 2.
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, a special tribunal created (1310) to avert plots and crimes against the state. It was a direct result of the unsuccessful Tiepolo conspiracy against the Venetian oligarchy. In 1335 the body was given permanent status. It consisted actually of 17 members—the doge, 10 members chosen by the grand council, and 6 elected by the lesser council. After 1539 three members served as inquisitors of state and investigated, by means of a secret police, all criminal, moral, religious, and political offenses. The inquisitors reported their findings to the Ten, who rendered an irrevocable verdict. As the power of the Council of Ten expanded, it came to control foreign relations and financial matters. In 1582 the conservative nobles attempted to reduce its authority but failed; the Ten remained the most important governing body of the state until the fall (1797) of the republic. Although the mystery that veiled its operations gave it an aura of tyrannical despotism, it was in general an efficient and highly effective body.
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There were one thousand five hundred Patricians; from these, three hundred Senators were chosen; from the Senators a Doge and a Council of Ten were selected, and by secret ballot the Ten chose from their own number a Council of Three.
We walked through the hall of the Council of Ten, and presently entered the infernal den of the Council of Three.
This is in the Chamber of the Council of Ten. It is in one of the three forty-foot pictures which decorate the walls of the room.
Massey played a full part in the formal proceedings, though most decisions were made by the great powers in the Council of Ten. He sat on the commission that investigated responsibility for the war and war crimes, chairing the sub-commission on facts; he later also chaired the drafting committee.
The sources are the communications between the Inquisitors of the State, the Council of Ten, and the commander of Dalmatia.
Despite that, I managed to establish an executive council of ten stable staff, four regional committees around Britain and more than 60 local representatives to begin to create internal democracy and participation.
Within the Council of Ten only three held any real power, and of this Council of Three Alessandro Vanni was the prime mover.
According to him there is no opposition in Libya, just a self-proclaimed council of ten people, who represent no one else but themselves.
The proofs were assessed by the Avogaria di Comune, a kind of supreme court of patrician lawyers appointed by the Council of Ten. The proofs had to be accepted by the Avogadori for any offspring of the marriage to be eligible to hold office.
Both the hospitable--art, music, play--and the sinister, as represented by the terrific Council of Ten, loom large in the imagination.
He had been a member of the Council of Ten, commanded Venetian land and naval forces, and acted as governor of provincial towns.
These are dangerous times as the status quo, viciously enforced by the Council of Ten, is threatened by the radical Third City movement.

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