Count Santorre di Santarosa

Santarosa, Count Santorre di


(Annibale de’ Rossi di Pomarolo). Born Oct. 18, 1783, in Savigliano, Cuneo; died May 8, 1825, on the island of Sphakteria. Representative of the moderate liberal wing of the Italian national liberation movement.

Santarosa was a leader of the Piedmont Revolution of 1821. As minister of war, he was the de facto head of the provisional government. After the defeat of the revolution, he emigrated to France, where he published his memoirs, On the Piedmont Revolution (1821). In 1822 he was arrested by the French authorities. He subsequently emigrated to England and, in 1824, to Greece, where he took part in the Greek patriots’ struggle for independence. Santarosa died in battle.