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Fluid flow in opposite directions in adjacent parts of an apparatus, as in a heat exchanger.
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a pattern of movement of working liquids or gases in a heat exchanger whereby fluids divided by a wall flow in opposite directions; the heat transfer occurs through the wall. In comparison with other heat-exchanger configurations, such as the parallel-flow and cross-flow types, the average temperature difference between the working fluids in a counterflow exchanger is higher; thus, the same thermal effect can be achieved with a smaller heating surface.

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6 November 2018 - Danish reconfigurable computing platforms provider Napatech (OSLO: NAPA.OL) is selling its Pandion network traffic recording product line to CounterFlow AI, which uses streaming machine-learning technology to deliver network forensics capabilities, the group said.
New cooling towers like the Marley F400 counterflow tower include modular pre-assembled components that ship "just in time" to the job site to reduce construction time and manpower requirements.
The Monte Carlo method has been coupled with the chemical kinetics solver Chemkin II to simulate soot formation and evolution in a counterflow diffusion flame [14].
In this baseline unit, the fluid in the condenser is counterflow to the air, and the evaporator is cross-flow (information kindly provided by Omar Abdelaziz).
Some researchers have pointed out that there are also some drawbacks in using the social force model to study the lane-formation phenomenon; in counterflow situations, the pedestrians do not attempt to avoid the oncoming traffic, and so unrealistic collisions may occur [27].
Veolia's Strata+ uses the latest short-cycle counterflow regeneration technology, with layered beds.
The pulsing interflow area at the studied counterflow HDRs functioning under advanced cavitation mode represents a complex dynamic group of vapor-gas cavities suspended in a liquid.
The concrete, back-to-back counterflow cooling tower will play a critical role in the development of the state-of-the-art RAPID refinery by reducing power use while maintaining optimum plant efficiency for maximum production output.
Some of the Iranian diasporic filmmakers return to 'stay at home [Iran] and make films, adding counterflow to Iranian national cinema' (p.
Counterflow plate heat exchangers are widely used in various engineering applications especially preheat, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing applications [1].
Laminar steady nonpremixed counterflow flames have been investigated in numerous studies in the past [1-3].