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former county, N England. From 1889 to 1974 it formed three counties, the East Riding, North Riding, and West Riding of Yorkshire. In 1974, Yorkshire was divided among the nonmetropolitan counties of HumbersideHumberside,
former county, NE England. Created in the 1974 local government reorganization, the county was dissolved in 1996 and replaced by four unitary authorities: the East Riding of Yorkshire, Kingston upon Hull, North Lincolnshire, and North East Lincolnshire.
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, ClevelandCleveland,
former county, NE England, created under the Local Government Act of 1972 (effective 1974). It was composed of the county boroughs of Hartlepool and Teesside and parts of the former counties of Durham and Yorkshire (North Riding).
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, and North YorkshireNorth Yorkshire,
county (2011 pop. 598,376), 3,209 sq mi (8,313 sq km), N England. The county comprises the districts of Craven, Hambleton, Harrogate, Richmondshire, Ryedale, Scarborough, and Selby. York, a former district, is now independent of the county.
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 and the metropolitan counties of South YorkshireSouth Yorkshire,
former metropolitan county, N central England. Created in the 1974 local government reorganization, the county embraced the Sheffield conurbation and comprised four metropolitan districts (metropolitan boroughs): Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, and Sheffield.
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 and West YorkshireWest Yorkshire,
former metropolitan county, N central England. Created in the 1974 local government reorganization, the county largely embraced the Leeds conurbation and comprised five metropolitan districts (metropolitan boroughs): Calderdale, Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, and
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. All but North Yorkshire were later dissolved as units of local elected government, and the East Riding of YorkshireEast Riding of Yorkshire,
district and unitary authority (2011 pop. 334,200), NE England. The district extends from the Yorkshire Wolds (N) to the River Humber (S) and from the North Sea (E) to the River Durwent (W). Beverley is the administrative center.
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 was largely reestablished as a unitary authority in 1996. The East Riding of Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, and South Yorkshire remain ceremonial counties under the Lieutenancies Act.



a county (up to 1975) in Great Britain, located between the eastern spurs of the Pennines and the North Sea. Area, 15, 700 sq km; population, 5 million (1971). Yorkshire consisted of three ridings, West Riding, East Riding, and North Riding, the first two of which belong to the new official Yorkshire and Humberside economic region and the third to the North Yorkshire economic region.

Most of the industry is concentrated in West Riding, where the northern section of the country’s largest coal field (the Yorkshire field) is located. The industrial centers are the Leeds-Bradford conurbation, with machine building, including machine-tool construction, and 70 percent of Great Britain’s wool industry, and the cities of Sheffield and Rotherham, with high-grade steel production, machine building, and cutlery manufacture. North Riding has a ferrous metal industry in the Tyneside urban area and a large chemical industry in Billingham and Wilton. In East Riding is the Frodingham iron-ore deposit and a ferrous metal industry (in Scunthorpe). Ports serving all of Yorkshire, including Hull, Grimsby, and Immingham, are located on the Humber estuary. In the eastern part of the county, various types of agriculture predominate; in the west, in the foothills of the Pennines, sheep are raised; and, around the cities, agriculture serving city markets is developed.



a historic county of N England: the largest English county, formerly divided administratively into East, West, and North Ridings. In 1974 it was much reduced in size and divided into the new counties of North, West, and South Yorkshire: in 1996 the East Riding of Yorkshire was reinstated as a unitary authority and parts of the NE were returned to North Yorkshire for geographical and ceremonial purposes
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Thornaby has also always been in the historic county of Yorkshire and is part of the borough of Stockton for administration purposes, another member of the new combined authority.
All of the B Band were extremely proud to represent the great county of Yorkshire, the town of Huddersfield and the village of Skelmanthorpe down at one of the most high-profiled brass band engagements of the year
We welcome this proposal to recognise the Borough of Redcar and Cleveland continues to be a part of the traditional county of Yorkshire.
I do not deny the right of citizens to challenge decision-makers when it is right to do so and I know Leeds and the county of Yorkshire well - I was once Chief Executive of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.
Bilton Basics is not just a cookery book; it's a foray into his hard-working life in kitchens and restaurants and his love for his home county of Yorkshire.
Managing director of Grand Central Tom Clift said: "We have worked closely with Ashley so that each painting has been chosen for its unique ability to convey the beauty of the landscape of God's County of Yorkshire.
A LAVISH tribute to the hard-working county of Yorkshire, from unique craftsman to large-scale industrial mogul, this is a book guaranteed to delight anyone interested in this area''s heritage.
A closer inspection revealed them to be one Union Flag, two flags of St George, and one county of Yorkshire flag.
Having represented his home county of Yorkshire at tennis, racketball and badminton it's no surprise Michael has a natural flare at padel.
Tom Thorley will propose the toast to the county of Yorkshire and there will be a supper serving what else but roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.
We want to maintain the close links with the community built up by our antecedent regiments in the historic county of Yorkshire, which includes parts of Teesside.
The protester said: "It should be noted that the Moonrakers legend is based on the county of Wiltshire, not the county of Yorkshire.