Coupled System

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Coupled System


an oscillatory system with two or more degrees of freedom that is a combination of “partial systems,” or systems having one degree of freedom each, that interact with each other. Depending on the character of the oscillations in each of the partial systems, conclusions can be drawn as to certain characteristic features of the oscillations in the coupled system.

An example of a coupled system is two or more oscillatory circuits (Figure 1) in which the oscillations in one circuit induce oscillations in the other circuits because of the presence of a coupling. Energy is transferred from one circuit to another in a coupled system. The presence of the coupling alters the character

Figure 1. Schematics of simple coupled oscillatory systems: (a) inductive coupling, (b) capacitive coupling: (C) capacitors, (L) inductors

of resonance phenomena in a coupled system as compared with a single isolated oscillatory circuit. In a coupled system resonance occurs whenever the frequency of the external electromotive force coincides with one of the natural oscillation frequencies of the system. For example, in a coupled system consisting of two circuits, resonance occurs at two different frequencies.

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Because of the structural complexity of the coupled system, this study adopts a dynamic substructure method (DSM) to investigate the coupled microvibration characteristics.
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In this section, to illustrate the basic idea of this method, we consider a general nonhomogeneous fractional partial differential coupled system
In this paper, based on the Grassmann manifold, we investigate [H.sub.2] optimal model reduction of the coupled system with unstable subsystems.
The purpose of this paper is twofold: to look at Mornington U3A in organisational terms and then look at U3AM as a loosely coupled system. One outcome of the study would be to undertake further analyses of U3As in Victoria to determine the levels of bureaucracy under which each operates.
For example, Su [13] studied existence of solutions for coupled system of fractional differential equations with two-point boundary value problems given as
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Therefore, the sweep signal should be determined according to the physical properties of the ground and the modal analysis of the coupled system. That is, the frequency of the sweeping signal should be kept away from the frequency of second-order vibration of the vibrator-ground system.
The cable in practical engineering of a cable-stayed bridge can be taken as the study object, in order to further verify the characteristics of 1 : 1 main parametrical resonance for cable-beam coupled system. The geometric parameters and material properties of the stay cable are shown in Table 1.
This manuscript is devoted to bring out the numerical solutions to a coupled system of FPDEs on an unbounded domain.
The coupled system was able to reasonably simulate the onset signature compared with Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) measurements.

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