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a special messenger, esp one carrying diplomatic correspondence
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A monospaced typeface originating from the typewriter that was commonly used for writing letters. It used to be considered by many to be the "appropriate" typeface for business correspondence, but that is no longer the case.

  This is an example of the monospaced
  Courier font.  Each letter occupies
  the same horizontal space.
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The snake, a 5.5 feet deadly cobra came through a courier service in ward number 5 of Rairangpur area in Mayurbhanj.
He added that Pakistan Post signed an MoU with three foreign courier services, FedEx, Skylet and DHL Express.
"Their business offerings have grown rapidly over the past six years and I'm looking forward to furthering our successes through the launch of the courier service."
A senior officer said on anonymity that the senior management of Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control department could not make the courier service bound to deliver all documents to a vehicle owner.
This November, as the Diplomatic Courier Service celebrates its 100th birthday, retired and active diplomatic couriers will gather to remember the past and look toward the future.
In fourth operation, ANF Lahore seized 360 grams Heroin by intercepting an Australia bound parcel, being sent through a courier service company booked from Lahore at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore.
Commenting on the venture, MudassirAqil, CEO of FINCA said, 'This partnership will not only revolutionize the conventional payment methods but will also strengthen the business of courier services in the country.
The study of Romanian courier operators' activity was based on the analysis of customers' needs and requests for an efficient, rapid and safe service, of the factors influencing courier operators' management system, of the external factors impacting the evolution of courier services, of the strategies of growth and other policy options adopted by courier companies during the economic crisis beginning with 2008.
TCS (Tranzum Companies and Services) is a courier service, which started its operations in Pakistan in 1983, and the firm's tracking system is one of the most reliable and efficient in the country.
They expect to introduce Amal Courier Services in other parts of the sultanate within a year.
Petrasanta, a frontrunner for the post of PNP chief, told the CA that Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales committed a "serious and reversible error" when she assumed that he accredited Werfast Documentary Agency despite its failure to comply with the criteria for courier service.
"I paid an additional Dh35 for courier service, but it's been over six days now and I have yet to get the results."