court jester

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court jester:

see foolfool
or court jester,
a person who entertains with buffoonery and an often caustic wit. In all countries from ancient times and extending into the 18th cent., mental and physical deformity provided amusement.
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The court jester will lead a procession of children who will invite visitors to sip tea, nibble on scones and muffins, and to stroll the paths,'' Dardick said.
Left, Robin Williams (the Court Jester, of course) meets the press.
In a performance at Documenta 11, he and several cohorts performed on three makeshift platforms in a field, wearing quasi-medieval costumes (velveteen bustiers, obscenely protruding bustles) to mock-wrestle and loudly grouse in antics that would have made an abused court jester smile.
In order to recognize what they consider to be the year's most outrageous judicial decisions, Family Research Council (FRC) will host the Fourth Annual Court Jester Awards on Thursday, June 29 at the National Press Club, at 7 p.
The Fallen Angel turns into maidservant Marta (Elena Grineva), then into the court jester, and eventually into an anthropomorphous homunculus.
They included a tattoo of Jesus, a Native American Indian and a court jester with the word "love" written alongside it.
It's one thing playing the court jester on Have I Got News For You and people dismissing him as a bumbling buffoon, but, somehow, this bumbling buffoon became the Mayor of London and is being tipped as a future Tory leader and, therefore, potential Prime Minister.
Pasquale, who is playing court jester Muddles, said: "It's a fantastic show and what's important in panto is if the kids know the story.
In Chamberlain Square you'll find the Knights of Middle England, including Morris Dancers and a court jester.
There's even a chance to tuck into some medieval food, tickle your ribs with the court jester, enjoy the music of the Lords Of Misrule and take part in an audience with St George.
The grand ballroom at Milford Town Hall was transformed into a Florentine extravaganza complete with a court jester, delicious food, fine wines, music and dancing for Milford Regional Medical Center's fifth annual Melange black-tie masquerade ball.