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, Fr. Courtrai, city (1991 pop. 76,141), West Flanders prov., SW Belgium, on the Leie River. It is an important linen, lace, and textile-manufacturing center. Kortrijk was one of the earliest (14th cent.
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, Belgium.



(Kortrijk in Flemish), a city in Belgium, on the banks of the Lys River in the province of West Flanders. Population, 45,000 (1971). The site of big linen factories. Courtrai was known in the Middle Ages for its cloth industry.

On July 11, 1302, a battle was fought near Courtrai between a French army commanded by Robert of Artois (10,000 to 12,-000 men) and the Flemish people’s militia commanded by Guillaume of Juliers (13,000 to 20,000 men). After the French conquest of Flanders in 1300, the oppressive administration of the royal governors caused a popular uprising in 1302 (the Bruges Matins). The rebels laid siege to Courtrai, while the royal army approached the city. The Flemish infantry militia took up an advantageous position in front of Courtrai; its flank and rear were covered by the Lys River and its front by the boggy flood valley of the Groeninghebeke. The attack of the mounted knights was repulsed with great slaughter: about 4,000 knights out of 7,500 were killed. Because 700 golden spurs were collected on the battlefield, the battle came to be known as the Battle of the Spurs. It was the first battle in the Middle Ages in which infantry crushed mounted knights; the battle led to the revival of the infantry. The French king Philip IV the Fair was compelled to abandon the conquest of Flanders and to conclude a peace at Athis in 1305.

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Officials in Courtrai were not immediately available while in Brussels, the federal prosecutors office declined to comment.
Mas frecuente era el monjil (mongil), una pieza exterior, amplia, de mujer, utilizado a veces por las viudas, elaborado con materiales y colores diversos, con preferencia oscuros: monjil sin mangas, forrado de piel blanca y negra; monjil de San Juan, negro, desforrado; de piel; negro, de pano "dieciocho", desforrado; o un monjil negro de Courtrai.
Everybody says I must be so psyched up about riding Long Run against Kauto Star," he relates as we now speed down the M4 towards Courtrai House, the Henley dental practice which in 2009 became part of his expanding chain.
Patsy Devine, 80, and the residents of seven other houses in Courtrai Park were forced from their homes by a pipe-bomb attack on Strabane PSNI station.
Three synchronized video projectors Barco 1208S (Barco, Courtrai, Belgium) driven by a SGI Onyx2 Infinite Reality were used to project the 3D sports hall environment onto a large cylindrical screen (3.
But artist Rouslan Toumaniantz, who runs the Courtrai tattoo parlour called The Tattoo Box, has denied the claims.
Schlumann had promised a young Jamaican fellow he used to buy grass from that he would get a job for him if the Jamaican got Blacks on de Courtrai to go out and vote for him.
Pour illustrer ce succes, il suffit de signaler l'edition bruxelloise de 1792 destinee au public de Belgique et de Hollande et distribuee a Anvers, Gand, Courtrai, Bruges, Ypres, Mons, Liege, Lille, Amsterdam, la Haye, etc.
La denuncia fue presentada por la presunta victima el pasado 28 de diciembre ante un tribunal de la poblacion de Courtrai, de donde ella es originaria.
A noble councillor like Hector van Voorhoute, who was bailiff of Courtrai in 1424, at that time stayed in his castle in Wervik, but he undoubtedly also had a house in Ghent, where he became a member of the Council of Flanders in 1440.