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A sequence of behavioral patterns that eventually may lead to completed mating.



in ornithology, special behavior at the beginning of the mating period by which the male or female bird attracts an individual of the other sex and by which the birds are brought to a state of readiness for mating. Courtship is a form of animal communication and is expressed in various ways. It may involve singing, special flights, the adoption of special poses to display brightly colored plumage, the construction of false nests, or fights and “tournaments.” Courtship behavior is especially characteristic of polygamous species, for example, the black grouse. The males gather together in special areas away from the females. In the rare case of polyandry, as seen in phalaropes, the female courts the male. Among monogamous species the male courts the female.

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Catharine said it best when she described courtship as a process that allows her to concentrate my energies on doing what God wants me to do, rather than on what I want to do.
The final chapter begins: 'If at this point, readers know far more about how courtship functions in the Shakespearean world, they may still wonder what conclusions can be drawn from so complex a set of possibilities'.
She develops this reading into an account of the whole book as an expression of Spenser's exasperation with the failure of his courtship of Elizabeth.
Ballads such as |The Country-man's Delight; Or, The Happy Wooing, Being the Successful Love of John the Serving-Man, in his courting of Joan the Dairymaid' and church court cases show that courtship often began while in service, frequently with servants in the same household.
The Diptera insects have developed diverse courtship and mating behaviours, which are the stereotypic sequence of behaviors evoked by the cues including visual, tactile, acoustic, and chemical stimuli (Ewing, 1983).
Comparative study of courtship in twelve phycitine moths (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae).
We can then begin to build a much more detailed historical picture of courtship and marriage in this period than we can get from the historical archives.
Like us humans, relationships and courtship in the bird world takes many forms.
According to Fuller (2001), such studies can provide details on male competitive behavior, courtship behavior, and the degree to which males can force mating.
ie said 42% of people opt for online courtship but still expect their would-be partners to turn on the charm.
You can't just have what you want; you also have to do some courtship and there is courtship on both sides and we study the market place processes by which those types of courtship are resolved.
We explored the relationship between size of individuals and courtship success in the kelp perch, Brachyistius frenatus, off the coast of southern California at Santa Catalina Island.