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A sequence of behavioral patterns that eventually may lead to completed mating.
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in ornithology, special behavior at the beginning of the mating period by which the male or female bird attracts an individual of the other sex and by which the birds are brought to a state of readiness for mating. Courtship is a form of animal communication and is expressed in various ways. It may involve singing, special flights, the adoption of special poses to display brightly colored plumage, the construction of false nests, or fights and “tournaments.” Courtship behavior is especially characteristic of polygamous species, for example, the black grouse. The males gather together in special areas away from the females. In the rare case of polyandry, as seen in phalaropes, the female courts the male. Among monogamous species the male courts the female.

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In the closely related shiner perch (Cymatogaster aggregata) and other embiotocids (Hubbs, 1917; Shaw & Allen, 1977; Hixon, 1981), only males are involved in agonistic chasing and displays and only males engage in the aforementioned quivering during courtship, so these behaviors were used to identify males when the gonopodium could not be seen.
We elicited the courtship of males by adding abundant silk threads of females inside the glass cup.
Much less is known about experience effects on mating behaviors in arthropods, perhaps because of the widespread assumption that these organisms have little opportunity to learn about courtship and mating, but several studies have revealed significant influences.
Besides investigating the courtships and marriages of Sedgwick family members, Kenslea broadens his analysis to include other salient themes, such as the nascent Unitarian religion and changes in inheritance patterns and women's property rights.
The overall hind-leg movement cycle is nearly identical with one phase of the courtship song (phase IV - see below).
Like the sisters in Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, these young women represented two extremes on the courtship spectrum.
Supreme Courtship is available from Hachette Book Group ( for $24.99.
In full sunlight, males and females struck courtship poses.
After three substantial chapters of a more general nature on Donne and courtship, Nelson sharpens his focus still further in providing three case studies on particular sermons.
The author turns his attention to the idea of courtship as a rhetorical topos, or, we might say, cultural commonplace, in the first chapter.
Austen's command of the courtship plot reflects her wide reading in and early experimentation with the genre--her Juvenilia contain a number of burlesques of courtship narratives.
After a whirlwind courtship Brice and Mia marry and return to North Carolina where Brice, a military man, is stationed.