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Space Factor also uses strong lines in order to emphasize the length of rooms and floor tiles as well as cove lighting and furniture placement that follows linearity to visually elongate a space.
2 suspended ceilings, wall coverings, furniture, - wooden false ceiling, acoustically effective and without sound absorption, Glulam, substructure, white fir, impregnated and coated, about 68 m, - cove lighting, laminated wood, KVH, white fir, impregnated and coated, about 38 m, - Wooden wallcovering, acoustically effective, Glulam, white fir, impregnated and coated, about 17 m, - wardrobe about 2,58x0,62x0,50 m, glued, white fir, impregnated and coated, 4 St, - Equipment coat rails, brackets, hooks 1.
Custom kitchen has Miele appliances and walnut wood cabinets with integrated cove lighting.
LED downlights (Dasal), along with LED wall washing and cove lighting behind the desk create this more relaxed atmosphere, as the illuminance level dips from 40 footcandles at the elevators to 15 fc at reception.
On the basis of application, the architectural LED products market is segmented as cove lighting, wall washing, in the ground, backlight and others.
The entrance has been maximized and a 3D wall with LED cove lighting further highlights the store.
Cove lighting can add an understated elegance and breathe life into the most uninspiring room.
There's a hard surfaced dock that you can put a smartphone or a bigger tablet into, and surrounding it is perimeter cove lighting.
Withdrawn: | Physical Resources and Procurement, listed building consent for installation of new plasterboard drop ceiling in entrance lobby, compact fluorescent downlights and cove lighting (conservation area), Byram Arcade, Westgate.
There is an increasing preference for cove lighting in the ceiling and niche lighting for the wall.
A recessed gypsum-board ceiling with cove lighting creates the illusion of skylights and a greater ceiling height.