Covering Power

covering power

[′kəv·riŋ ‚pau̇·ər]
The degree to which a coating obscures the underlying material.
The ability of an electroplating bath to produce a coating at a low current density.
The field of view over which a camera lens can produce a sharp image, frequently expressed as an angle.
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Covering Power


(also hiding power), the ability of pigmented paints and varnishes to cover a colored surface. The covering power is proportional to the difference in the refractive indexes of the pigments and the film-forming vehicles; it is also dependent upon pigment properties. The greater the covering power, the less paint used per unit of surface. The covering power is determined by visual and photometric methods.

Covering Power


in photography, the measure of the effectiveness of silver in darkening, equal to the ratio between the diffuse optical density of the darkening D and the surface concentration of the silver present CAB (in g per sq m). The smaller the silver granules producing the darkening effect, the greater is the covering power (usually from 0.25 to 0.8 sq m per g).

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hiding power, covering power

The ability of a paint film to obscure completely any pattern, marks, or color on the surface to which it is applied.
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