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This treatment showed effective result in cow pea which is insignificant from jute bag while muslin cloth dried seeds earlier due to higher porosity of the cloth.
As previous studies showed that black gram, green gram, lentils and cow pea showed efficient germination in 24 hours [19, 20].
Hydration coefficients of super faba bean, English faba bean, kidney bean, chick pea, lablab bean and cow pea were 286.
We train farmers mainly on the best farming methods and use of drought-tolerant crops, such as cow peas, sorghum and green grams,' he said.
Normally, I suggest planting cow peas in the southern U.
Warm-season legumes such as cow peas and soybeans are particularly susceptible to early browse decimation.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Dal Moong Crushed,Dal UrdDhuli,Kabuli Chana Whole,Dried Cow Peas (Lobia)
One of the seeds grown at the centre, cow peas, has been planted on a trial basis.
Five days later another small patch is planted and at regular intervals until July 1 a new planting of oats and cow peas is started for mowing for greens.
Popular pulses consist of dried bean kinds (kidney beans, lima beans, butter beans and broad beans) and pea varieties like chickpeas, cow peas, black-eyed peas, pigeon peas, among others.
Conservation farming through promotion of small grains, groundnuts and cow peas as well as the construction of a community garden in Makuwerere village.