Cowen, Brian

Cowen, Brian,

1960– Irish political leader, prime minister of the Repubic of Ireland (2008–11). A lawyer from a family long involved in Fianna FáilFianna Fáil
, Irish political party, organized in 1926 by opponents of the Anglo-Irish treaty of 1921 establishing the Irish Free State and setting up Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom.
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 politics, he was first elected to the Irish parliament in 1984, winning his late father's seat. In the 1990s Cowen was minister for labor (1992–93), transport, energy, and communications (1993–94), and health and children (1997–2000) before becoming foreign affairs minister in 2000. In 2004 he became finance minister, and in 2007 he also became deputy prime minister under Bertie AhernAhern, Bertie
(Bartholomew Patrick Ahern) , 1951–, Irish politician, prime minister of the Republic of Ireland (1997–2008). Born into a working-class family, he studied accounting at University College, Dublin.
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. The following year he succeeded Ahern as prime minister when the latter resigned. By late 2010 prolonged recession, the nationalization of failing Irish banks, and the need to impose severe budget austerities and accept an international rescue package had brought his government near to collapse. The failure of an attempted cabinet reshuffle (Jan., 2011) forced him to resign as party leader and call an early election, which his party lost; he did not stand for reelection.
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DOCUMENTS chronicling the sordid events leading to the blanket guarantee of the banks are a damning indictment of Brian Cowen, Brian Lenihan and slithery former bank regulator Patrick Neary.
Brian Cowen, Brian Lenihan and Dermot Ahern now have an obligation to do a root and branch search of the financial sector to determine who was doing what.
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How smart do you think Brian Cowen, Brian Lenihan and the Tanaiste from Donegal, who is so vastly knowledgeable on European affairs, have been lately?
Brian Cowen, Brian Lenihan and Mary Harney might believe it is their patriotic duty to take the medical card off the over-70s and screw the poor with a one per cent levy while the rest of us think it's a cowardly attack on the most vulnerable section of Irish society.
VERY little is clear about how the Taoiseach intends to get out of the medical card pickle he has created, except for this - if Brian Cowen, Brian Lenihan and Mary Harney have their way the means test for people over 70 will remain in place for good.