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One of his poems tells how Cowper scolded his spaniel Beau for killing a little baby bird "not because you were hungry," says the poet, "but out of naughtiness.
Indeed, that Cowper is remembered at all is due more to his shorter poems such as Boadicea and The Wreck of the Royal George, and chiefly, perhaps, to John Gilpin, which in its own way is a treasure that we would not be without.
I believe too many people don't do the proper planning to make sure that any wealth they've accumulated over the years ends up where they want it to," says Jaime Cowper, president of Unity Financial Advisors, Bingham Farms, Mich.
Anane and Malazonia won two of their rubbers, squeaking through against the Middlesex first pair on two hard-fought tie-breaks, while the Warwickshire thirds Luisa Cowper (Sutton Coldfield) and Leyla Ogan used clever strategy and variation of pace to defeat their opposite numbers in their crucial opening rubber.
Holly Reid, from Moseley, substituted for Cowper in the third rubber and gained valuable experience despite a narrow loss to the Middlesex Firsts.
Ilkley's Zoe Judkovski was the winner of the ladies singles, but the final did not take place due to a withdrawal by Shrewsbury's Imogen Cowper following the semi-finals.
The table tops originally belonged to George Clavering-Cowper, 3rd Earl Cowper, a renowned art collector who travelled to Italy in the 18th century.
Washington's National Gallery of Art has loaned Raphael's Small Cowper Madonna to WAM, where it will be on view now through Sept.
13) Since (i) S also bears (again, on a flyleaf) a sixteenth-century inscription of ownership of one "John Cowper" ("By me John Cowper anrs thes buke"), (14) and (ii) the prioress at the time of Marrick's dissolution in 1539 was one Christabella Cowper, who had granted a lease to a John Cowper in the previous year, it may well be that, as others before me have concluded, the John Cowper who entered his name into S was a relative of Christabella who had acquired S from her.
A GATESHEAD engineering firm has kept round-the-world yachtsman David Scott Cowper on course for more adventures after making repairs to his boat.
Mr Scott Cowper was the first man to sail solo round the world in both directions, and in 1980 completed the fastest circumnavigation of the globe in Ocean Bound.
The victim, said by neighbours to have lived alone, was killed when flames broke out in the living room of his home in Cowper Street, Bootle.