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At the risk of oversimplifying a complex story, the short explanation for both of these important crack spread phenomenon is that diesel supply was simply not able to keep pace with demand.
Just like it happens every spring, the crack spread is rising, but this year has been rising earlier, faster and higher than previously.
The product crack spreads are the best we have seen since our record results in 2007.
Improving trend in crack spreads, sustaining high plant utilization, and controlling costs while maintaining the plant's safety and reliability;
The external conditions were characterized by 20 percent lower average crack spread and more than 10 percent higher crude oil price in Q2 2011 compare to previous quarter which kept refining margin under pressure," MOL said.
Frontier's gasoline crack spread declined to an average of $6.
The front-month June gas oil crack spread was valued at a premium of $17.
The big gain in refinery use (almost 2%) is putting further pressure on the crack spread (or refiners' profit margin), which are already squeezed.
Energy commodity prices are really just a function of the price of oil (with some minor modification for things like the crack spread that refiners make turning crude into products consumers actually use.
The downgrade reflects the project's declining financial performance as exhibited by a weaker crack spread environment (down to $9.
Analysts said China's surplus situation was unlikely to change soon, despite the robust car sales and downward pressure on the global light distillates' crack spread.
The crack spread -- profits or losses of refining Brent crude into naphtha -- stood at a $76.