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EASYJET flies direct to Crakow from Belfast International with prices starting at around pounds 55 one way.
One of the links which it is most proud of however, is with the Crakow University of Economics in Poland.
Earlier in the day Venus Williams, the 17-year-old schoolgirl from the mean streets of Los Angeles was sent crushing out of Wimbledon by Magdalena - the cracker from Crakow.
Under the new organizational plan the following assignments are in place: Bill Eldien, head of California Wine Division; Leigh Medbury, head of California National Accounts; Greg Crakow, head of Northern California Broad Market and Chains; Bob Tester, head of Southern California Chains Spirits Division I; Karen Thomas, head of Southern California Chain Spirits Division II and Mark Sneed, administrative assistant (Sales & Marketing) to CEO.
France sees a big role for Poland in an enlarged EU, said Mr de Poncins, as was demonstrated - he claimed - by the presence of French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine in Crakow also on June 7, at a meeting with his German and Polish counterparts, Joschka Fischer and Bronislaw Geremek, in the context of the tripartite "Weimar Triangle" that has united Germany, France and Poland for a decade now.