Cranbrook Educational Community

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Cranbrook Educational Community,

at Bloomfield Hills, Mich.; est. and endowed by George G. and Ellen Scripps Booth in 1927. It includes the Cranbrook Academy of Art, with graduate programs in fine arts and architecture and a noted art museum; Cranbrook Institute of Science, a natural history and science museum; Brookside Lower School (coeducational); Cranbrook Kingswood Middle School (combining Cranbrook School [1927] and Kingswood School [1931], with separate programs for boys and girls); and Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School (coeducational). Most of the buildings were designed by Eliel SaarinenSaarinen, Eliel
, 1873–1950, Finnish-American architect and city planner, resident of the United States after 1923. In Finland, Saarinen's most celebrated building was the railway station in Helsinki.
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. Many statues by Carl MillesMilles, Carl
, 1875–1955, Swedish-American sculptor, whose name originally was Carl Emil Wilhelm Anderson. Influenced by Rodin, he studied in Paris from 1897 until 1904, when he returned to Stockholm.
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 are also there. Saarinen's work has been partially restored and respectfully added to in an extensive building program begun in mid-1980s.
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Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA
By Brain Is in My Inkstand: Drawing as Thinking and Process is an exhibition debuting at the Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, that brings together 22 artists from around the world to redefine the notion of drawing as a thinking process in the arts and sciences alike.
He created smaller pieces and then outdoor sculptures there, including the whimsical granite ape The Thinker (1938) for the front steps of the Cranbrook Art Museum.
His other experience includes Curator of Exhibitions at the Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
De Vore (1933-2006) is presented as a major contemporary ceramicist whose work belies the division between art and craft, in this catalog published in conjunction with the exhibition "Richard De Vore: Retrospective and 'Last Works,' " held at Cranbrook Art Museum (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan) in summer 2008.
Though a finalist for the 2008 Hugo Boss Prize (or perhaps the winner, by the time this magazine hits the stands), Roman Signer is not well known in the United States; in fact, before the Rochester Art Center's recent exhibition, his work had not seen a large-scale survey in the US since the Cranbrook Art Museum staged one in 1997.
It uses technology to expose students to Cultural Coalition's 12 world-class, cultural institutions, which includes the Detroit Institute of Arts, The Henry Ford and Cranbrook Art Museum.
It then will travel to the Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
In 2002, the exhibit traveled to The Wolfsonian in Miami, the Cranbrook Art Museum in Detroit, and The Design Museum in London.
Recent works by those graduates, their two influential department heads, and other honored collaborators are displayed in this collection which accompanied a 2007 exhibition at Cranbrook Art Museum.
And speaking of homage: As "Mies in America" travels to Montreal and Chicago, the Cranbrook Art Museum in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, will feature three of Inigo ManglanoOvalle's most recent videos set in the architect's iconic modernist living spaces (Sept.
It is scheduled to open at the Cranbrook Art Museum, Detroit in spring, 2002 and the Design Museum, London in the fall of 2002.