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Las alteraciones en las funciones cognitivas, como deficits de aprendizaje y memoria, capacidad visuoespacial, habilidades perceptivo-motrices, abstraccion y funciones ejecutivas asociadas a las regiones frontales, de los alcoholicos son bastante mencionadas en la literatura especializada (Arias, Santin, y Rubio, 2000; Langlais y Ciccia, 2000; Pfefferbaum, Sullivan y Rosenbloon, 2000; Oliveira, Laranjeira y Jaeger, 2002; Cunha y Novaes, 2004; Uekermann, Crannon, Winkel, Schlebusch y Daum, 2007).
In his previous outing, back in September of last year, he had one of today's rivals Room To Room Gold (recent winner of a bumper here) behind when third to Crannon Lad in a Downpatrick bumper.
Corrib Supreme, a 10-1 shot, was beaten one length and two lengths by Stashedaway and Crannon Lad.
Arquelao de Macedonia, Scropas de Crannon y Euriloco de Larisa le invitaban insistentemente a visitar sus ciudades y permanecer en sus cortes para educar a las nuevas generaciones.
as shown partly by the omission of any preposition (Kraft), partly by being combined with Crannon and Larissa, partly by the word coeunt which could scarcely apply to any place larger than a town'; thus Ellis ad v.
That was unthinkable before the battle of Crannon, in August 322, which effectively ended the war in the west.
The demand was issued after his capture of Pharsalus,(37) which was a mere 20 km south of Crannon and must have been taken immediately after the battle.
Crannon Beauty, just a length and a half behind Permit Me in the Clonmel race, might be good enough to overcome Mofasa in the Kilmore Maiden Hurdle.