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Spontaneous separation of a liquid from a gel or colloidal suspension due to contraction of the gel.



a spontaneous contraction of a jelly or gel accompanied by exudation of the liquid. Syneresis occurs as a result of a closer packing of the three-dimensional structural network, which in jellies is formed by macromolecules and in gels by particles of the disperse phase. During syneresis, the structured system is converted into a thermodynamically more stable state. Syneresis is one manifestation of aging or “ripening” in different types of disperse structures, as well as in polymer and biological systems. It has considerable practical significance in the preparation of food products (cheese, cottage cheese), in rubber technology (preparation of latex products), and in the formation of chemical fibers from spinning solutions.

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crasis that produces the sense of something interfering in the language
Este estudioso recoge recursos representativos del uso (2) de las lenguas, que podrian emparentarse con los metaplasmos de la clasificacion anterior como son los abreviamientos; abreviaturas; alternancias, variantes ortograficas o alografias; apocopes; contracciones, amalgamas o crasis; diminutivos ...
La antigua idea del cuerpo como producto de una mezcla de humores (crasis, temperamento), sujeto a constantes y multiples influencias humorales, desempeno un papel importante en este tipo de temas; estas cuestiones se vincularon a la individualidad del temperamento y al posible papel explicativo que la geografia ("aires, aguas y lugares") y la genealogia (familia, tribu, nacion) podian desempenar respecto de el.