Crater Lake

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crater lake

[′krād·ər ‚lāk]
A fresh-water lake formed by the accumulation of rain and groundwater in a caldera or crater.

Crater Lake


a lake in the southern Cascades in the USA (Oregon). Situated at an elevation of 1,880 m in the crater of the extinct Mazama volcano. Area, approximately 52 sq km; depths, up to 600 m. The lake is fed by rain and snow and has no inlet or outlet. The water is bright blue; the multicolored banks are 150–600 m high. Crater Lake attracts many tourists with its exceptional beauty. It is located in a national park.

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The current park entrance fees have been in place at Crater Lake since 2015, when a seven-day pass was increased from $10 to $15 per vehicle.
The closure of national parks, including Crater Lake, was among the 2013 government shutdown's most visible signs.
Even among Japan's largest national parks, none encompasses the more than 20 volcanoes, shimmering crater lakes, valleys, waterfalls, and surprisingly diverse seasonal vegetation for a volcanic landscape that the Kirishima region does.
Just like our Crater Lake cover, it's a snapshot of summer that keeps me going all year long.
And since this is Crater Lake, with the clearest water of any natural water body on Earth, you can see his entire length below the water surface.
The temperature of the crater lake reportedly rose from 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 115 degrees Fahrenheit since mid-April.
granulosa by otters were documented in a high-elevation population just outside of Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.
One colorful painting of a woman with blue hair at Crater Lake National Park is already covered in ice and snow and workers might not be able to reach it until next summer.
Using clay samples dug up from a volcanic deposit near Crater Lake, Oregon, researchers from Arizona State University found that the clay's rapid uptake of iron impaired the metabolism of bacteria such as E.
It will take place at the beautiful lagoon of Sete Cidades on Sao Miguel Island, a breathtakingly-large crater lake, which and a natural wonder of Portugal.
NIGHT I love a good sunset so I'd watch the sun go down over Crater Lake in Oregon and set my camera up to capture the blanket of stars that would appear overhead.