Crater Lake

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crater lake

[′krād·ər ‚lāk]
A fresh-water lake formed by the accumulation of rain and groundwater in a caldera or crater.

Crater Lake


a lake in the southern Cascades in the USA (Oregon). Situated at an elevation of 1,880 m in the crater of the extinct Mazama volcano. Area, approximately 52 sq km; depths, up to 600 m. The lake is fed by rain and snow and has no inlet or outlet. The water is bright blue; the multicolored banks are 150–600 m high. Crater Lake attracts many tourists with its exceptional beauty. It is located in a national park.

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In Crater Lake, Oregon, one of the clearest lakes known to exist, UV can penetrate over 300 feet.
The program will be organized into the same four chapters as the book: the grand lodges at Yellowstone (Old Faithful) and Yosemite (Awanhee); the Pacific Northwest (Timberline, Crater Lake, Oregon Caves Chateau and Paradise Inn at Mount Rainier); the canyon country of Arizona (Grand Canyon and El Tovar) and Utah (Bryce Canyon and Zion); and the six lodges at Glacier and Waterton Lakes parks.