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Furthermore, we tested TTX levels in nearby high-elevation lakes just outside of and within Crater Lake National Park and compared them to a well-known high-toxicity population from Benton County, Oregon.
Executive Director, Crater Lake National Park Trust
As we drove a remote road just east of Crater Lake National Park, we smelled the smoke.
"Although the objectives of the park's hydrothermal study were unrelated to the exploratory drilling," explains Mark Buktenica, an aquatic biologist at Crater Lake National Park, "the timing provided the political impetus to fund the research." Upon hearing of the park's hydrothermal study, the National Geographic Society and the U.S.
The Whitewater Fire near Mount Jefferson also continues to spread, while some recent rain in the area helped to slow the expansion of wildfires burning in and near Crater Lake National Park.
* Crater Lake National Park, Oregon; (541) 594-3000.
Crater Lake National Park in Oregon has an interesting twist on a typical composite volcano.
In Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Crater Lake National Parks, no effort is being made by the Park Service to adjust burning prescriptions that help reduce ground fuels, even though the fires are killing hundreds of ancient ponderosa and sugar pine trees.
Smoke from fires at Mount Jefferson, Crater Lake National Park and the Three Sisters Wilderness, as well as from British Columbia, has wafted in and out of the valley for days.
The National Park Service backed down this spring from plans for a major new tourist development at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.
Farther south at Crater Lake National Park, officials issued a Level 1 evacuation notice for the park's Rim Village and park headquarters, effective at 5 p.m.
A lesser-used "back door" to Crater Lake National Park some 80 miles east, the winding, two-lane road provides access not only to the best fishing along the river, but also to riverside campgrounds, put-ins for river-rafting trips, and trailheads to thundering waterfalls and some challenging mountain biking.