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(mechanical engineering)
One of a pair of an endless chain of plates driven by sprockets and used instead of wheels by certain power shovels, tractors, bulldozers, drilling machines, and such, as a means of propulsion.
Any machine mounted on such tracks.
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(1) Also known as a "crawler," "robot" (bot) and "intelligent agent," a spider is a program that searches for information on the Web. Spiders are widely used by Web search engines to index all the pages on a site by following the links from page to page. The search engine summarizes the content and adds the links to their indexes. Spiders are also used to locate Web pages that sell a particular product or to find blogs that have opinions about a product. See surface Web and bot.

(2) Software that indexes a single website for browsing offline. See offline browser.

(3) (Spider) A gaming platform from AMD. See Phenom.
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Mounted on itsa crawler chassis, the crane rises to a height of 248m.
While Roach primarily rigs with pinched 'crawlers or occasionally leeches, he's increasingly dabbled with softbaits.
Liverpool For more information about the Carpet Crawlers, visit the website
The most important species in terms of soil improvement is the night crawler (Lumbricus terrestris), which specializes in taking organic matter from the soil's surface and storing it in underground middens, which are combination food supply/trash heaps.
Vice specialists in England have a new method to deter kerb crawlers - and say it will be more effective than the new Scots laws making it illegal to buy sex on the streets.
Police are also working closely with local residents who are recording registration numbers, descriptions and information relating to kerb crawlers using the Sheil Road area.
The posters feature a dramatic image of a kerb crawler trapped in the gutter with the headline: "Kerb-crawlers end up behind bars." The strapline reads: 'Wolverhampton hates kerb-crawling.
Among the major goals of this project are the integration of our Web crawlers and classification software into NSDL's core system for purposes of open Internet resource discovery and related classification (that is, resource identification and metadata generation).
For crawler search engines paid inclusion programs can be useful as some crawlers can otherwise take a couple of months to list a site once it is submitted