cream cup

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cream cup:

see poppypoppy,
common name for some members of the Papaveraceae, a family composed chiefly of herbs of the Northern Hemisphere having a characteristic milky or colored sap. Most species are native to the Old World; many are cultivated in gardens for their brilliantly colored if
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Our luscious, yet light cheesecake-flavored ice cream is now available in your own personal serving," says the Blue Bunny Web site about one of its Personals Light Ice Cream cups.
The ice cream cups listed below were distributed in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wyoming via food service accounts.
From Yard's own Helms Bakery, guests can expect treats such as Chocolate Chip Toffee Coffee Cookies, Triple Gingerbread Cookies, Apple Caramel Ice Cream Cups with Almond Streusel and Creme Fraiche Rhubarb Pops.
99 for a set of four ice cream cups, Sainsbury's stores
The Italian packaging firm Alcas made a big splash last month at the MIG International Ice Cream Exhibition in Belluno, Italy last month with its new line of natural ice cream cups and containers made from Dow Cargill's corn-based plastic NatureWorks PLA.
Served along with the beef will be the traditional fare: potato salad, salsa, beans, assorted nonalcoholic drinks and ice cream cups for dessert.
The novelties being offered include Disney Mini-Triples Ice Cream Cups, described as "a true innovation.
Among the book's many revelations are that, after Americans and Australians, Swedes are the world's most devoted ice cream eaters; that US President Eisenhower worked as a boy in an ice cream plant, and that Catherine the Great of Russia ordered a dessert service that included 10 ice cream palls and 116 ice cream cups.
Skinny Cow Limited Edition Mint to Be Low-Fat Ice Cream Cups - Low-fat mint ice cream with chocolatey chips.
You'll see blankets of yellow and orange, provided by poppies, goldfields and wild mustard with splashes of purple lupine and white cream cups, says Stephan, who adds that the crimson-red owl's clover is also blooming this year.
Antelope Valley: Find flowering Joshua trees, California poppies, owl clover, desert dandelions, tidy tips, filarees, fiddlenecks and cream cups.
The fact that the USA is the planet's largest producer of ice cream and biggest user of ice cream cups had a lot to do with the establishment of the Tetra Cup factory in Wisconsin.