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see novelnovel,
in modern literary usage, a sustained work of prose fiction a volume or more in length. It is distinguished from the short story and the fictional sketch, which are necessarily brief.
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; short storyshort story,
brief prose fiction. The term covers a wide variety of narratives—from stories in which the main focus is on the course of events to studies of character, from the "short short" story to extended and complex narratives such as Thomas Mann's Death in Venice.
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1. literary works invented by the imagination, such as novels or short stories
2. Law something assumed to be true for the sake of convenience, though probably false
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Charles Dickens, who was born in England 200 years ago today, was one of the best who ever lived at creating stories with staying power.
The MTV awards have a knack of seizing the zeitgeist and creating stories with uber-hip young hosts and faux lesbian kisses.
Creating stories, characters and dialogue is fun, dammit
The aim of the trail is to encourage people with learning disabilities to visit historic venues, by creating stories and interpretation through the mediums of sight, sound, smell and touch.
The day will cover topics including outdoor activities to develop observation skills and creating stories inspired by the observations.
The modes for the remaining components showed that the respondents implemented them weekly: teaching letter recognition (n = 14), teaching the mechanics of writing (n = 13), teaching the process of writing (n = 12), and creating stories (n = 10).
However, if you are wanting a small group of writers to have a great time creating stories, then go on and get yourself a cube of your own.
Avril said: "I know many of my fans read Manga, and I'm really excited to be involved in creating stories that I know they will enjoy.
Aylett pulls off the neat trick of creating stories (twenty-seven of them--it's like the Ramones wrote a book) whose over-the-top abandon belies a firm hold over the material, demonstrating that it takes a very careful hand to write such chaotic stuff.
Because the team has a background in journalism, they know what the media wants and don't waste clients' time and money creating stories and photo opportunities which won't get used.
A serious heart condition made it necessary for him to be tutored at home, and one of his favorite pastimes was reading and creating stories.

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