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a specially equipped building intended for cre-mating the deceased.

The first crematory was opened in Milan in 1876. Present-day crematories house crematory furnaces, a funeral room for rites, and other rooms. A plot of land is usually reserved in the area surrounding the crematory for the burial of urns, and columbaria are constructed. The first crematory in the USSR was opened in Moscow in October 1927.

crematory, crematorium

A building for the incineration of the human dead.
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Upon investigation, the inspector and the company found that the crematory was smoking during its preheat phase, when it was empty.
Williams Funeral Services, Ordenstein's Hawaiian Memorial Park Mortuary and Windward Crematory, 1984-1997 HOBBIES: Pilates, jogging, weightlifting, reading FAMILY: children Cherie Akina, 29, Milikaa, 23; and Elizabeth, 20; grandchildren Ashley Marie and Keahi Akina
Recent press reports suggest that the horrors of the Tri-State Crematory may be distinguished only by their scale.
Arrangements are under the direction of the Beverly Hills Chapel of Hooper Funeral Home and Crematory.
Young founded the Seawinds group in 2001, starting with Seawinds Funeral Home and Crematory in Sebastian.
Moles Family Funeral Homes & Crematory has made the additions of Scott Fassett and Brian Flowers as Family Service Advisors due to rising interest in pre-planning funerals.
When I became the proud owner of a home in a new neighborhood in the area, I passed the crematory several times each day without even knowing of its existence.
He had decided to purchase a building to house the 12-ton crematory and rebuild his business when Buell Chapel came on the market.
It was obvious to the judges why this was a big story--as were this year's winners who broke the Georgia crematory and Worldcom scandals.
The operator of a Georgia crematory where scores of unburied bodies were found stacked like firewood in storage sheds and dumped in nearby woods has been arrested and jailed for a second time.