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see cavefishcavefish,
common name for blind, cave-dwelling fishes of the family Amblyopsidae. The Amblyopsidae are mostly whitish fish, up to 5 in. (13 cm) long. With the exception of a single species, all members of the family live in the limestone cave region of the Mississippi basin.
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PITX1 from Crenichthys baileyi and the goodeine Goodea atripinnis (a
Observations on the tolerance of high temperatures and low dissolved oxygen in natural water by Crenichthys baileyi.
In this study we continued investigation of pelvic reduction in empetricthyine fishes (Goodeidae) by sequencing an approximately 800 bp region from Crenichthys baileyi and an approximately 300 bp region from Empetricthyes latos using standard molecular techniques.
These primers were used in various combinations to PCR-amplify products from empetrichthyines Crenichthys baileyi and Empetrichthys latos, and pelvic fin-possessing goodeines Chapalichthys pardalis and Goodea atripinnis (controls).