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a helminthic disease of foxes, arctic foxes, dogs, raccoon dogs, and badgers caused by nematodes of the genus Crenosoma infesting the trachea and bronchi.

Crenosomes are minute (3.5–15 mm long) parasites that develop in intermediate hosts (terrestrial mollusks) and reservoir hosts (mice, rats, birds, reptiles, amphibians). Carnivorous animals become infested after eating intermediate or reservoir hosts containing crenosome larvae. The disease is manifested by symptoms of bronchitis and tracheitis. The sick animals are anemic and emaciated and often die. In fur-bearing animals, the quality of the fur deteriorates and the number of offspring decreases. Treatment consists of intratracheal injections of an aqueous solution of iodine. Prevention consists of eradication of terrestrial mollusks and reservoir hosts on fur farms and maintenance of the animals in cages with a raised floor containing a grating.


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