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The study, published today in Nature Communications, shows how the changing conditions for fossilisation means previous analyses have underestimated the number of species at the end of the Cretaceous.
The lower contact is sharp with the underlying Cretaceous Goru Fomation in most of the Sulaiman and Kirthar belts, whereas in Mughal Kot area, it directly overlies the Cretaceous Sembar Formation (Khan, 2012).
Samples from the Cretaceous section were again analyzed for foraminifera and data compared with previous work.
The Upper Cretaceous layers were likely deposited in freshwater coastal plain or shallow, muddy, near-shore marine environments.
"We've analyzed the heck out of each scrap of Bissekty tyrannosaur bone," Brusatte says, "so the thing that could move us forward is the discovery of new specimens in other middle Cretaceous rock units in other parts of the world."
The fossil skeleton, main, and artist's impression |of the Cretaceous mammal Spinolestes
The presence of a large amount of kaolinite in the Lower Cretaceous sediments of Zagros area was in accordance with the warm and humid climate of that period.
Two papers are synthetic works about the Iberian vertebrate fossil sites of Lano and Lo Hueco, both from the Late Cretaceous. Ortega et al.
Additionally, since Leinkupal laticauda apparently lived much later than its North American and African cousins, its existence suggests that the supposed extinction of the Diplodocidae around the end of the Jurassic or beginning of the Cretaceous period didn't occur globally, but that the clade survived in South America at least during part of the Early Cretaceous.
The Cretaceous was an era of relatively warm climates and high sea levels which created numerous shallow inland seas, while dinosaurs ruled on land, ending with mass extinction.
A hadrosaurid vertebra was recovered during a palynological survey of the Upper Cretaceous Kanguk Formation in the eastern Canadian Arctic.