Criminal Code

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Criminal Code


a codified legislative act establishing the foundations, conditions, and limits of criminal responsibility and providing for the punishment of crimes.

In the USSR the adoption of criminal codes is assigned to the Union republics. Between 1959 and 1961, criminal codes were adopted in all Union republics. The codes correspond to the Basic Principles of Criminal Legislation of the USSR and the Union Republics of 1958 and to other all-Union criminal laws. They also reflect the national characteristics peculiar to the individual republics. The Criminal Code of the RSFSR was adopted on Oct. 27,1960, and put into effect on Jan. 1,1961.

The criminal codes of the Union republics are constructed within a uniform system and are divided into general and special parts. The general part of a criminal code covers its tasks and the bases of criminal responsibility; formulates the concept and basic characteristics of crime and the types of guilt and complicity in a crime; defines the purposes of punishment; and lists the kinds of punishment and the principles and procedure for the assignment of punishment and release from punishment. The special part of the criminal code contains an exhaustive list of socially dangerous acts recognized as criminal and punishable. Its articles list the most important characteristics of specific crimes (the formal element of the definition of the crime) and give the measures of punishment established for commission of the crimes.

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The criminal code of every country partakes so much of necessary severity, that without an easy access to exceptions in favor of unfortunate guilt, justice would wear a countenance too sanguinary and cruel.
I incline as little to the sickly feeling which makes every canting lie or maudlin speech of a notorious criminal a subject of newspaper report and general sympathy, as I do to those good old customs of the good old times which made England, even so recently as in the reign of the Third King George, in respect of her criminal code and her prison regulations, one of the most bloody-minded and barbarous countries on the earth.
If you make the criminal code sanguinary, juries will not convict.
Having individuals' health as an object of its protection, the criminal law of the Russian Federation affixes the separate element of crime which provides for criminal liability for contamination with a venereal disease, and sets the specific sanction for this action and determines contamination with a venereal disease as a qualifying factor for other crimes elements, which gives the not strong enough restraining effect for the citizens with regard to the prevention of the sexually transmitted diseases dissemination in Russian, namely connected with limiting the list of illnesses, contamination with which is according to the Article 121 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation acknowledged the penal act.
The article provides an outline of key problems presented in the provisions of the General and Special Parts of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, as well as of their possible solutions.
In 1864 the first Romanian Criminal Code was enacted, entering into force on 1865, along with the Criminal Procedure Code.
The lawmaker said he sent inquiry to respective authorities to clarify this issue and received a reply saying that according to the provisions of the part 2 of the article 76 of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, Kubanychbek Turdubayev has a clean criminal record.
MANILA -- The Book 2 of the New Criminal Code is already complete after three years of work, the Department of Justice announced Thursday.
sentencing in section 718.1 of the Criminal Code, which states that
We refer here to Gruia and Gruia (November 2013 (2) and December 2013 (3)) for the role of the state in the development of the business environment and Gruia (4) (2012) for the economic analysis of the company (which can be understood here as the state) and products' lifecycle (which can be understood here as the lifecycle of different laws within the Criminal Code of a country).
Criminal charges have been brought against Vardanyan junior on the basis of Article 215.2 of the Criminal Code of Armenia
It is not clear what kind of punishment Bae, 44, might face, although North Korea's criminal code provides for life imprisonment or the death penalty for similar offences, ( according to the BBC .