Criminal Records

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Criminal Records


the methods and means used in crime prevention and detection to file identifying characteristics of objects and persons and to preserve and organize information on objects and persons.

The information required for criminal records is usually compiled in card files; physical objects may also be collected for future examination and reference. The data contained in criminal records are used by the agencies of investigation and of the court in the identification of objects and the search for suspects. Criminal records are compiled for criminals, persons held in custody, missing persons, unidentified bodies, animals, inanimate objects, and facts concerning crimes. Criminal records of people are filed according to questionnaire data, physical characteristics, and fingerprint patterns.

Material evidence available from criminal records includes fingerprints, bullets and cartridge cases found at the scenes of unsolved crimes, stolen and confiscated articles, and stolen, confiscated, and recovered firearms.

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"Since the offer was made, to date, the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development has not received such a list from the student leaders nor indeed any relevant application for a Presidential pardon nor any application for the expungement of a criminal record.
The Nigeria Police Force (NPF), has broken a new ground in its crime prevention and detection tasks with the introduction of a digital criminal record checks and issuance of clearance certificates.
He said that now police are offering the data and criminal record verification service to the industries to ensure their security, and any employer could easily verify the NIC and background record of his employee, after acquiring this service from police.
LEGALLY an employer may ask about a criminal record.
However, Mazlan said one of the gang members, aged 23, did have any previous criminal records.
The apex court further said that candidates and political leaders with criminal cases pending against them have to inform their respective political parties about their criminal records. It also asked the political parties to display the criminal records of its leaders on their websites.
There is also a social and community benefit to employing people with criminal records. Research shows that reliable employment is instrumental to successful re-entry and to reducing recidivism.
Weiss added that: "job applicants with criminal records are much less likely than others to receive an offer of employment.
Like, the Lorry Adda SHO faced six suspensions, secured 29 bad points besides having two criminal records.
The meeting was further informed that alongwith Sindh Police the criminal record data compiled by Punjab Police, at varied levels, is also in process of being merged.