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Proving the participation or support of a criminal organisation can give proof of the illegality of the means of obtaining the assets.
This criminal organisation is likely to be the most notorious international gang of jewel thieves, the Pink Panthers.
Branding the group a criminal organisation is expected to be the first step for the government to begin reining in the party because an outright ban is difficult to push through under current Greek law.
Jailing Main, of Cambuslang, near Glasgow, Judge David Swift at Liverpool Crown Court said he was guilty of "laundering the proceeds of a sophisticated criminal organisation".
Under the draft Framework Decision, counterfeiting would have to be punishable by maximum prison sentences of at least four years if carried out as part of a criminal organisation. A separate Framework Decision, still being negotiated in Council, will define precisely what a 'criminal organisation' is.
Maybe some positives can be found in this hideous crime; firstly, the American people will no longer tolerate a criminal organisation like the IRA that has a history of murdering innocent civilians.
The shipping magnate has also been ordered to report to police every 15 days on strict bail terms as an investigation continues into allegations of a criminal organisation controlling Greek football.
THE Nicosia district court will decide on Monday on whether to refer Larnaca businessman Antonis Fanieros to be tried by the Criminal Court in connection with 23 charges ranging from participation in a criminal organisation to extortion.
"I cannot allow our country to be discredited by the use of a criminal organisation to advertise it."
He added: "The Bill will allow a member of the gardai with appropriate expertise to give 'opinion' evidence about the existence of a particular criminal organisation.
On Tuesday, Lord Justice Nicholson refused bail to North Belfast 'brigadier' Ihab Shoukri on the grounds that the UDA is a criminal organisation which poses a danger to the community.