Criminal Procedure

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Criminal Procedure


the activities of agencies of inquiry and investigation, the procuracy, and the courts in the initiation, preliminary investigation, and judicial decision of criminal cases, conducted in the manner established by criminal procedural law and by the means and methods prescribed by such law. The tasks of Soviet criminal procedure are the speedy and complete exposure of crimes, the sure and just punishment of crimes, the strengthening of socialist legality, the prevention of crimes, and the education of citizens in the spirit of undeviating execution of the laws.

Criminal procedure is conducted by the competent bodies to which the corresponding functions have been assigned by law under the system of legal relations, which include guarantees of the rights and legal interests of participants in a case. All procedural acts—investigative and judicial—are conducted according to form strictly established by law, which ensures the optimum realization of the tasks of criminal procedure.

Criminal procedure consists of several successive stages, each of which includes a check of the preceding stage: initiation of a criminal case, inquiry, preliminary investigation, arraignment, judicial consideration, cassational proceedings, execution of sentence, and, in some cases, supervisory proceedings and proceedings as a result of newly discovered circumstances.

The science of criminal procedure studies procedural regularities, fundamental concepts and principles, and prescribed order and the execution of such order. The most important part of the science of criminal procedure is the theory of evidence, which studies the problems of proof in criminal cases.

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In the effective law of criminal procedure, the prohibition of reformatio in peius is regulated concerning the procedure of the second and third instance, retrial, extraordinary legal remedies, and even concerning certain special procedures.
18) This article may fairly be said to have presaged, in a general way, the changes in criminal procedure subsequently devised by that Court over the next decade.
This way of thinking about criminal procedure has grown less satisfying and relevant over the years.
The Parliament hold in early August extraordinary sessions to discuss comprehensive amendment for Criminal Procedure Law, that will be the first since the fifties.
According to article 221 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Procedure Code, a house arrest measure consist of an obligation imposed on a defendant, for a determined time period, not to leave the building where they live, without permission from the judicial bodies having ordered such measure or with which the case is pending, and to observe certain restrictions imposed by those.
During the three-day seminar the participants will learn about issues related to the interpretation and application of the Criminal Procedure Codes relevant provisions by legal professionals.
To give efficiency to the presumption of impartiality in the Code of Criminal Procedure entered into force on 15 February 2014 shall be expressly regulated the incompatibility, the abstention and the recusal that constitute true institutions in the criminal procedure.
While this text is intended for use in criminal procedure courses focusing on police investigatory process, it can also be useful as a reference for attorneys, judges, and legal scholars.
The guest provided their opinion on efforts and a series of studies prepared by the public prosecution regarding the amendment to the Omani Penal and Criminal Procedure Laws The attendees explained that the Omani Penal Law is one of important and enforcing laws in the Sultanate and has been issued for a long time and there is a need to change a lot of text and articles in it in a manner that copes with the current stage, whereas the Criminal Procedures Law is a new enforcing law, and new amendments can be added.
I call on the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH to urgently adopt amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code of BiH, which would enable the full implementation of state-level jurisdiction in criminal cases and in accordance with international standards for the fight against corruption and organized crime.
The authorAEs PhD dissertation, this book examines internal transparency of criminal procedure in China and what and how China should emphasize regarding transparency to enhance or restore the legitimacy of its criminal justice.
Moreover, under code of Criminal Procedure act 365-B and 376 two women had been acquitted on differ of witness.

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