Crişana-Maramureş (krĭshäˈnä-märämo͞oˈrĭsh), historic province, NW Romania, between Transylvania and Hungary. It covers approximately the present-day regions of Crişana (4,725 sq mi/12,238 sq km) and of Maramureş (4,053 sq mi/10,497 sq km). Arad, Oradea, and Satu-Mare are the chief cities. The region occupies the easternmost part of the Hungarian plain and the western foothills of the Transylvanian Alps. It is largely agricultural. Crişana-Maramureş was part of Hungary until 1919 and retains a sizable Hungarian minority.
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if you consider the historical regions as areas of analyze we notice that the number of Romanians increased in Oltenia (7%), Banat (2.7%), Crisana-Maramures (1%), Transilvania (0,7%), Dobrogea (0,1%) and decreased in Muntenia (5.9%) and Moldova (0.5%).
At the last census, 98.9% of the Magyars were concentrated in Transylvania, Crisana-Maramures and Banat.
Crisana-Maramures and Banat are the historic regions where the frequency of this ethnic group is higher, but still under 2% of the entire population.