critical infrastructure

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critical infrastructure

The basic systems necessary for survival of an organization or nation. The U.S. Government states that the country's critical infrastructure is the "infrastructure and assets vital to national security, governance, public health and safety, economy and public confidence." According to the Department of Homeland Security, the following subjects make up the critical infrastructure:

Agriculture and Food
Public Health
Emergency Services
Defense Industrial Base
Banking and Finance
Chemicals and Hazardous Materials
Postal and Shipping

For more information, visit For the detailed 2003 report, download "The Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Key Assets" at
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Together Cardiff University and Airbus have already received more than PS1m of funding for cyber security - including studying risks to the systems underpinning critical national infrastructure.
Threats to the critical national infrastructure of countries -- AaAaAeAeAaAeAe andAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA gas pipelines, electricity grids, power stations, hospitals, airp and more -- thatAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA are increasingly being run by computers are on rise, with most attacks carried out by well-funded and highly sophisticated nation state hacking outfits -- something ISIS aspires to become.
The Scottish Government said: "We already recognise and act on areas of critical national infrastructure to protect against a variety of threats.
com)-- The inaugural Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Asia conference at the Avani Atrium Bangkok on 24th-25th June is a unique event bringing together leading stakeholders from governments, agencies, operators and industry across Southeast Asia and to collaborate on securing ASEANs critical national infrastructure.
Optasense, a wholly-owned subsidiary of defence firm Qinetiq, is to install 200 of its Distributed Acoustic Sensing systems in the region over the next two years to monitor oil and gas pipelines, refineries, airports and other critical national infrastructure.
This is an important time for PCA to champion resilient construction, and advocate for critical national infrastructure funding, both of which will ensure the vitality of the cement industry," notes Stull, who in addition to being a long-standing director has co-chaired the PCA Manufacturing Technical Committee.
Under the terms of the contract, Al Marakeb will supply vessels to be used in a number of maritime roles, with industry sectors including oil & gas, ports & customs, critical national infrastructure, environmental, marine biology & research, hospitality & leisure, waterfront development and defence & security.
Organized by Information Technology Authority, the summit will also focus on directions and plans to tackle emerging threats to the global and regional Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sector.
Being cyber secure isn't just about big corporations - it takes in the whole spectrum, from SMEs to the government and those who run our critical national infrastructure.
Other key military taskings over the last 24 hours have included completion of a sandbag wall to help defend Desborough Island, deploying a flood barrier at Chertsey Bridge Road and the ongoing assessment and protection of Critical National Infrastructure assets," the spokeswoman said.
He said: "We have seen technical reconnaissance of parts of our critical national infrastructure.
EU lawmakers agreed on Thursday to toughen criminal penalties across the European Union for cyber attacks, especially those that include harming critical national infrastructure and hijacking computers to steal sensitive data.

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