Critical path method

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critical path method

[′krid·ə·kəl ′path ‚meth·əd]
(systems engineering)
A systematic procedure for detailed project planning and control. Abbreviated CPM.

Critical path method

A construction scheduling device that diagrams the interrelationships between activities and identifies the critical path that optimizes the sequence of operations to minimize the construction period.

critical path method, CPM

A system of project planning, scheduling, and control which combines all relevant information into a single master plan, permitting the establishment of the optimum sequence and duration of operations; the interrelation of all the efforts required to complete a construction project are shown; an indication is given of the efforts which are critical to timely completion of the project.
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Dynamic Critical Path Scheduling : An Effective Techniques for Allocating Tasks Graph onto Multiprocessor.
The software walks builders through the construction process, including pre-construction, estimating, construction, critical path scheduling, vendor and customer management, and reports.
HCA's expertise runs the gamut from top quality strategic planning, critical path scheduling, construction project management and cost analysis to forensic engineering.
Computerized estimating and critical path scheduling also are going to be even more critical for major contractors.
American West, which will build about 925 houses this year in Las Vegas, uses a computerized critical path scheduling system to keep the process moving.