Critical Volume

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critical volume

[′krid·ə·kəl ′väl·yəm]
The volume occupied by one mole of a substance at the liquid-vapor critical point, that is, at the critical temperature and pressure.

Critical Volume


the specific volume of a substance (or mixture of substances) in its critical state. The specific volumes of the liquid and gaseous phases in the critical state become equal. This specific critical volume corresponds to a density approximately three times lower than the density of the substance in the solid state. (For values of the critical volume Vc of a number of substances, see .)

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Water emissions are assessed through a critical volumes approach, which considers both the total amount of emissions to water, as well as the environmental toxicity of the chemicals being emitted.
The proposed one-step method does not require the normal boiling temperature (except to distinguish among isomers), and uses simple expressions for the critical temperature, the critical pressure and the critical volume.
no ponding, the critical volume fraction for percolation is saturation, i.
The real value for distributors below critical volume is related to their brands carried and the perceived worth of the brands to other distributors realizing synergies from their acquisition.
CA] is the critical volume fraction of component A.
Strategic Marketing Planning: enabling executive management and brand management to continually test the impact of shifting capital across marketing and trade categories, and different marketing vehicles with visibility into critical volume and profit metrics.
Bilingual Anthology was already in press when the multiauthored critical volume Claves en el teatro de Nora Glickman (2007) was published in Buenos Aires by Nueva Generacion, and for this reason the new anthology does not draw upon this abundant source of commentary on Glickman's theater.
Recent studies [28-37] have shown that the minority component in two-component heterogeneous blends exhibits partial continuity at the critical volume fraction as low as 0.
As the drop volume increases beyond a critical volume of 0.
For A200, optimum reinforcement levels calculated from equation 2 show that it is achieved at a critical volume fraction, Dc, of 0.
Having reached a critical volume of gas engine orders in Asia, we recognized a priority to locate a new packaging facility in China to help assure prompt equipment delivery and tailored customer service for projects throughout Asia," said Prady Iyyanki, CEO of GE Energy's Jenbacher gas engine business.
Intended for policy makers and health care management professionals, this critical volume examines the state of long-term care for chronic health problems in the current health care system and makes practical suggestions for necessary economic, treatment and policy changes in the evolving landscape of health care reform.

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