Critical path method

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critical path method

[′krid·ə·kəl ′path ‚meth·əd]
(systems engineering)
A systematic procedure for detailed project planning and control. Abbreviated CPM.
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Critical path method

A construction scheduling device that diagrams the interrelationships between activities and identifies the critical path that optimizes the sequence of operations to minimize the construction period.
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critical path method, CPM

A system of project planning, scheduling, and control which combines all relevant information into a single master plan, permitting the establishment of the optimum sequence and duration of operations; the interrelation of all the efforts required to complete a construction project are shown; an indication is given of the efforts which are critical to timely completion of the project.
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Critical path analysis in the network with fuzzy interval numbers as activity times.
This is not workflow; this functionality involves critical path analysis, costing and budget management, progress tracking, human resources, and a host of fundamental business processes.
Operational-level logisticians planning an ISB may benefit from critical path analysis techniques.
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Project management software permits accurate forecasting of timescales, budgets and completion dates; resource management; cost control, baseline and bid tracking; risk management; database integration; networking and critical path analysis. It is used in all sectors of general engineering.
A critical path analysis illustrating the median times for 1 night of the study is shown in Fig.

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