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PbCrO4 A yellow to orange or hyacinth-red secondary mineral occurring as monoclinic, prismatic crystals; it is also massive granular. Also known as crocoisite; red lead ore.



a mineral of chemical composition Pb[CrO4] (69.06 percent PbO, 30.94 percent CrO3). It sometimes contains admixtures of silver and zinc. Crocoite crystallizes in the mono-clinic system, forming slender prismatic or acicular crystals of a bright orange-red color. It is brittle, with a mineralogical hardness of 2.5–3.0 and a density of 5,990–6,000 kg/m3. Crocoite is formed in the oxidized zone of polymetallic lead-zinc ore deposits occurring in ultrabasic rocks (chromium sources) or in their immediate vicinity. The best-known variety of crocoite is extracted from the Berezov deposit in the Urals; it forms crystal druses in beresovite fissures. Other crocoite deposits are located in Tasmania.

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First Khijniak's team prepared crocoite-based paints, mixing powdered crocoite with oil, and brushed the paint on swatches of canvas.
Lead phases detected in lead paint include synthetic hydrocerussite, crocoite, anglesite, phoenicochroite and possible plattnerite.