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see bow and arrowbow and arrow,
weapon consisting of two parts; the bow is made of a strip of flexible material, such as wood, with a cord linking the two ends of the strip to form a tension from which is propelled the arrow; the arrow is a straight shaft with a sharp point on one end and
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Falls, "Dual polarized cross bow tie dipole antenna having integrated airline feed," US Patent 6028563, NJ, Feb.
The forensic searches at Gavan's property took several days to complete and led to the recovery of more than 50 improvised explosive devices (IEDs), approximately 40 knives, a cross bow and arrows and more than 30 guns.
West Mercia Police expressed concern at reports that the devices are instructing drivers to cross Bow Brook, near Pershore, despite the death of Judge Eric Dickinson last month.
For cross bow marksmen, we have the HSLA steels at yield strengths roughly from 220-500 Mpa; the complex phase steels from 370-890 Mpa; the dual phase steels from 270-700 Mpa; the TriP steels from 380-780 Mpa; the ultra high strength steels from 550-1500 Mpa; and hot stamped steels up to 1200 Mpa yield strengths.
When JIMMY HILL stuck his neck out you couldn't help feeling that his St George's Cross bow tie could do with a bit of tightening.
Further afield, Cross Bow Cottage, Old Greaves Town Lane in Lea, Preston, a three-bedroom semidetached property in a good sized plot sold for PS100,000.
As far as how to store your cross bow, hanging it out of harm's way is one option; encased is another.
2, South Florida bow and cross bow hunters with the proper licenses and permits are allowed to hunt a variety of quarry in Zone A.
Wetpaint is hoping that Norman Reedus is just kidding around with his fans and his character, Daryl Dixon will continue to roam in the woods with the cross bow.
IN THE hands of Fela Kuti, a saxophone became a cross bow transforming semi-quavers into poisoned darts aimed at those committing social injustices.
Guests taking part in the walk will also get to see the Ballista, a weapon similar to a giant cross bow.