cross fire

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cross fire

[′krȯs ‚fīr]
Interfering current in one telegraph or signaling channel resulting from telegraph or signaling currents in another channel.

cross fire, cross figure

A fiddleback grain pattern.

fiddleback, cross figure, cross fire, ripple figure

Abrupt, curly figures in wood, particularly maple and mahogany, caused by undulations in fiber alignment.
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Victims' families and survivors gathered for a minute's silence in memory of those who died in the King's Cross fire 30 years ago BEN STEVENS/PA WIRE
Cross Fire 2 is the sequel of Cross Fire, a blockbuster first-person-shooter PC online game in China.
John Healey, minister for local government, and co-chair of the London Regional Resilience Forum, said: "Many lessons have been learned since the tragedy of the King's Cross fire 20 years ago.
A London Underground spokesman said: ''We did not admit liability for the King's Cross fire but claimants just had to prove evidence of loss and damage.
You can't have a cross fire of opinion if one side isn't even on the field.
Finally, Steinmetz describes and analyses five groups (or, more properly, since individuals move among groups, five "Ideal Types"): AIM (the American Indian Movement -- a militant group active on Pine Ridge for many years); Ecumenists I (a name invented by Steinmetz for people who compartmentalize their Christian and Traditional beliefs and practices); Ecumenists II (who hold that Christianity fulfills traditional Lakota religion); Cross Fire Native American Church (explicitly Christian in i ts forms of worship); Half Moon Native American Church (not explicitly Christian); and The Body of Christ (a fundamentalist group).
His works were characterized by a tone of light cynicism, a cross fire of lively dialogue, and a keen insight into the foibles of the bourgeoisie.
Staff Cross-Training Caught in Cross Fire," Modern Healthcare 21(18):26-9, May 6, 1991
WAH CANTT -- A man wanted by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Peshawar was arrested after brief cross fire from Mohallah Majwar in limits of Taxila Police station on Thursday.
WAH CANTT -- Police held one dacoit after cross fire in limits of Wah Cantonment Police station on Monday.