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Fig. 7 Cross-tabulation.


a contingency table method of displaying data by a 2 x 2 table in order to examine the relationship between two VARIABLES with a view to providing explanations; for example, the investigation of Heath et al. (1991) of the 1987 election showed that class is still an important variable in explaining voting behaviour. See Fig. 7.

If, as above, an association appears to exist, other variables may be introduced by further dividing the categories (e.g. by sex and age). The purpose of displaying data in this way is not only to examine what relationship there may be between variables, but to explore this relationship by the further breakdowns that may be made, e.g. by eliminating 'S purious’ relationships, explained by the prior influence of a third variable, or 'S pecifying’ the interaction between three or more variables. See also LAZARSFELD, CORRELATION, MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS.

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Showing Cross Tabulation with Sensitivity Value HPE M B or IT Total ROUTMA M 2 1 3 B or IT 1 27 28 Total 3 28 31 Table 2.
Cross tabulation of mentor choice by classification of mentee-professors Responses Student Classification No Yes Total Count 16 9 25 Juniors Expected Count 12.
A result generated in the form of cross tabulation revealed that majority of respondents (193) agreed to the statement 'textbook of English is according to the mental level of students'.
The cross tabulation of age group and prostate volume group is given in table 4.
Output Cross tabulation shows the distribution of respondents in low motivation levels, generally (82%) has small reinvestment amount.
Cross tabulation between gender identity and family types and parenting style shows 26 respondents (76%) were from large family.
Table-III: Cross tabulation between cardiovascular risk factors and different variables (p value)
Symptoms Sex Total Female Male Pain 26 (22%) 3 (16%) 29 (21%) Pain and weakness 26 (22%) 6 (32%) 32 (23%) Pain and parasthesia 20 (17%) 4 (21%) 24 (17%) Edema/weakness of limbs 4 (3%) 0 4 (3%) Heaviness of limbs & weakness 4 (3%) 0 4 (3%) Swelling and pain 4 (3%) 1 (5%) 5 (4%) Pain and cold intolerance 8 (7%) 2 (11%) 10 (7%) Weakness, pain and numbness 12 (10%) 3 (16%) 15 (11%) Swelling, pain & discoloration 4 (3%) 0 4 (3%) Discoloration, pain & numbness 4 (3%) 0 4 (3%) Discoloration, weakness & 4 (3%) 0 4 (3%) numbness Pain, numbness, weakness, 4 (3%) 0 4 (3%) swelling and discoloration Total 120 19 139 Table 2: X-Ray Cx Spine--Sex Cross Tabulation Observation Sex Total Female Male B/L Cx rib 78(65%) 13 (68%) 91 (66%) Rt.
Data was analyzed using SPSS version 18 and Excel 2007 software for frequencies and cross tabulation between categorical variables.
Topics include the video stabilization of static scenes based on robust detectors and fuzzy logic, the architecture and formats of a digital e-library warehouse, gamification in computer science, the retrieval of article-pages using geometric layout relationships among document components, an advanced messaging system for online educational environments, multivariate clustering for group language learning in Facebook, dynamic word clouds, intelligent computer classification of English writing errors, analysis of opinions from questionnaire surveys of farming candidates using a cross tabulation system, the examination of sensor positions to detect bicycle speeding behavior, and detecting natural disaster events on Twitter across languages, among others.
Cross tabulation (Table 3) displays the number of cases in each category defined by two grouping variables i.

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