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Fig. 7 Cross-tabulation.


a contingency table method of displaying data by a 2 x 2 table in order to examine the relationship between two VARIABLES with a view to providing explanations; for example, the investigation of Heath et al. (1991) of the 1987 election showed that class is still an important variable in explaining voting behaviour. See Fig. 7.

If, as above, an association appears to exist, other variables may be introduced by further dividing the categories (e.g. by sex and age). The purpose of displaying data in this way is not only to examine what relationship there may be between variables, but to explore this relationship by the further breakdowns that may be made, e.g. by eliminating 'S purious’ relationships, explained by the prior influence of a third variable, or 'S pecifying’ the interaction between three or more variables. See also LAZARSFELD, CORRELATION, MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS.

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Gender * Gaming Cross Tabulation Gaming Total No Yes Gender Female Count 119 61 180 Expected Count 99.6 80.4 180.0 Male Count 47 73 120 Expected Count 66.4 53.6 120.0 Total Count 166 134 300 Expected Count 166.0 134.0 300.0 Table 4 (iii).
Statistical analysis was performed by using PASW statistics 18, in which chi-square test was applied for the cross tabulation of both groups (with and without air instillation).
The analyses carried out were descriptive analysis (frequency analysis and cross tabulation) and correlation analysis in SPSS 23 while in SmartPLS 3, goodness of measures (reliability analysis, convergent and discriminant validity analysis, goodness-of-fit (GoF), and [Q.sup.2] measures), hypothesis testing, and importance-performance map analysis (IPMA) were conducted.
Frequency and percentages were reported using cross tabulation with size of bomb, distance of person from blast and the presence of victim in open or closed space.
Cross tabulation of mentor choice by classification of mentee-professors Responses Student Classification No Yes Total Count 16 9 25 Juniors Expected Count 12.1 12.9 25.0 Count 13 22 35 Seniors Expected Count 16.9 18.1 35.0 Total Count 29 31 60 Expected Count 29.0 31.0 60.0 Note: [50 out 63 (78.4%) indicated willingness to become a mentor] Table 5.
A result generated in the form of cross tabulation revealed that majority of respondents (193) agreed to the statement 'textbook of English is according to the mental level of students'.
The cross tabulation of age group and prostate volume group is given in table 4.
Cross tabulation output shows that the distribution of respondents with a narrow field / low ([less than or equal to] 1 ha), in general (97%) has small reinvestment.
Cross tabulation between gender identity and family types and parenting style shows 26 respondents (76%) were from large family.
Table 3 depicts that cross tabulation was applied for the analysis of frequencies and percentages of age-wise distribution of the victims along with their gender specifications.

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