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'The classes are overcrowded and it is quite difficult for the teachers to stay inside, due to no free space, cross ventilation and alternate system in absence of electricity.
The BrellaVent[TM] system creates cross ventilation by adjusting the snaps keeping the angler cooler and minimizing heat buildup.
Pineda said that the verticality of the permeable netting will shelter the visitors from the morning and afternoon sun while highlighting the beauty of cross ventilation.
Do you have few windows that allow cross ventilation?
Thoughtful placement of walls, doors and windows enable efficient furniture layout without space wastage, besides good cross ventilation for maximum functionality and comfort.
Among the house's other features include reduced heat gain due to space between roof and ceiling inclined roof for easier rain water drainage and collection cross ventilation through properly positioned windowand door and elevated floor to prevent floodwater from entering.
He directed for special care of the cross ventilation system and construction, adding that the community board may be made to bring betterment in atmosphere of education in the institutions with cooperation of people.
'I have been locking my windows but locking of windows has disadvantages; there is no cross ventilation in the house and as a result, we suffer heat,'' she told NAN.
The homes feature an energy-efficient architectural design that allows cross ventilation and lets natural light in.
* Is there sufficient cross ventilation of the subarea to promote drying?
He informed that we should construct homes in such a way to have good cross ventilation and proper source of light in form of windows.